Emmy Predictions: Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series

Most of these are return nominees with two newcomers to the category which both have huge fan support behind them gaining a nomination and even winning. For me this isn’t that close of a call and I think there will be a clear winner even though I personally don’t feel they are the most deserving. There is one dark horse though who could shake the whole thing up.

Taraji P. Henson

Last year, I was all for Henson taking the Emmy, although Davis was just as deserving, the character of Cookie re-defined the strong female character with a history to match. This year however I just didn’t think Empire was anywhere near the level it was in the first season. I didn’t even bother watching the second half of the season. Another example of a great show that had a stellar first season and just can’t live up to the high standards it set itself.

Claire Danes

Like I said, I hear Homeland has gotten better in recent seasons, but I just don’t see anyway of Danes taking this from some more deserving women this year. First series Danes back in 2012 was more than deserving, but with a dissapointing storyline and bad character arcs I think it has been hard for her to shine again in the same role. It doesn’t help the copius amounts of paradoies of her frequent crying face to really consider her dramatic performance.

Robin Wright

In my eyes this has by far been Wright’s best season on House Of Cards and that’s really saying something, season after season after season after season Wright has really pulled it out the bag as the Lady Macbeth-esque Mrs Underwood. This season was all about Claire Underwood and really gave her a chance to compete with her revolutionary co-star Kevin Spacey. I would love to see her get some recognition for this incredible role.

Viola Davis

Viola Davis is one of my favourite actresses, everything she touches turns to gold and this was demonstrated as she went down in history at last year’s Emmys. Unfortunatly for her she has some very tough competition to compete with this year, a few of last year’s nominees have stepped up their game and new comers seem hungry for the trophey. Emmy voters have been shown to re-award talent and talent is Viola Davis. I wouldn’t be dissapointed with the win but honestly would be surprised.

Tatiana Maslany

When Maslany’s nomination was announced their was sighs of relief heard all around the globe, it seems this has been the biggest snubb of the most recent years and its finally been achnowledged. It would be stupid to count Maslany out with taking the first position, all these other actresses are nominated for one role where as Maslany is nominated for seven. Each of these characters she plays would be enough to compete with the other women in this catagory. She is the dark horse in my eyes and someone who could very easily be a winner.

Keri Russell

Keri Russell not only can ride the wave of support coming from The Americans fan base who are driving for a drama sweep, but can also recieve support from experts putting her in pole position. Having not seen the series I could not say how she will do on the night, but I think it would be stupid to count her out.

Will Win: Keri Russell


Should Win: Robin Wright


Snubbs: Julianna Marguilies, Taylor Schilling 


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