Emmy Predictions: Outstanding Drama Series

On to the next category in the Emmy predictions and some would say the biggest. This year seems to have some very strong contenders, a few surprises and some true underdogs. At this point, it feels like anyone’s game especially in the eyes of the fans. Will it be another win for the HBO juggernaut that is Game Of Thrones? Only time will tell.

Better Call Saul

I was late to the game with Better Call Saul season one and was pleasantly surprised with how much I liked it. I feel like it took the lighter tones of Breaking Bad which worked so well and I appreciated the lighter tone. The second season continued on well, although just checking my Netflix I only made it halfway through the second season, clearly, it didn’t give me that drive to keep pushing through those episodes. Although it is a great series, with tough competition, I feel like it is unlikely we will see it re-live Breaking Bad’s previous success.

Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey really did take the world by storm and I am surprised to see that it has never actually won an Emmy for outstanding drama series. Will the voters finally award it a trophy as it rounds off its final season? Having never watched the show I have no real opinion on whether it should win or not but I do know it has nearly as big a fan base as the front runner in this category so there will be support behind it to go for the gold. The Emmys missed out on awarding Mad Men in its final season last year so will it do the same again this year? Only Game Of Thrones stands in its way.

Game Of Thrones

The thing with Game Of Thrones is, yes it is the front runner, yes it has arguably the biggest fan following of any TV series ever and yes the storyline, production and acting is second to none. So can you really be mad about it taking home the Emmy again this year? If anything, I feel it is more deserving this year because season 6 was a much better that season 5 in so many ways. The season 6 finale deserves an Emmy to itself, brilliant TV which I’m sure will be rewarded on the night handsomely.


I’ll be honest, I bowed out of Homeland after season two but recently have had a force trying to draw me back into the series. From what I’ve heard the series has improved in its most recent series, taking the extended break through 2016 might really help the writing get back to season one standards. Many question whether Homeland deserves to be on the list and other than possibly encouraging me to start season three, I doubt Homeland will gain anything from this nomination.

House Of Cards

Netflix needs to take a bow this year because just when you think their original content can’t get any better, they knock-out one of House Of Cards best seasons yet. This programme has everything for me; intriguing characters, killer (literally) plotlines and superb acting. Season four really brought the show back to season one glory for me and forced me to marathon the whole season in a weekend. I wish this could be House of Cards year but it has fierce competition, I wouldn’t be disappointed if it won though!

Mr Robot 

I watched the pilot of Mr Robot months ago and really enjoyed but like got in the way and I never got around to re-watching it. Literally two days ago I started it again and I am only on episode three so can’t comment on the entire series. I like the tone, acting and storyline, I think they are fresh and if Mr Robot was to win the Emmy I think it would primarily be for those three factors. It does have that intrigue with me still and I will probably be through both seasons by the end of the weekend! With its Golden Globe triumph, it shouldn’t be ruled out.

The Americans

I’ll admit from the start I have never seen this programme and know very little about it, blame that on arrogance or blame it on it not being shown much in the UK (to my knowledge). All I know that when it did receive this Emmy nomination it was met with a sigh of relief with many feeling it was a long time coming. Looking at so-called ‘Emmy experts’ predictions, they have the show just behind Game Of Thrones in second place, with some putting it in the top spot. Either way I will be sure to check it out, hopefully, this nomination will also encourage others to do the same.

Will Win: Game Of Thrones


Should Win: Game Of Thrones


Snubbed: Narcos, UnREAL and Orange Is The New Black


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