Review: Hell Or High Water

The only reason I went to go and see Hell Or High Water was because it was a Cineworld Unlimited screening and I can’t pass on the chance to go and see something before its released in cinemas. Having watched the trailer I though it seemed intriguing, Chris Pine and Jeff Bridges are actors I like and I had heard that it was getting good reviews. The September release did worry me slightly, was this just a poor oscar contender that they decided to release early.

The biggest thing that I was surprised about with this film was the amount of comedy it had, and not forced comedy, light-hearted but not out of place good comedy. I think this was mostly helped by Ben Foster who was easily the character you were meant to love to hate. I also really enjoyed the relationship between Bridges character and Gil Birmingham‘s who were the good guys you really wanted to route for.

The story was a modern twist on a classic western, it was well paced and had the needed plot points to keep the story interesting. It was also smart with it’s story, I felt the story allowed you to understand the characters and their motives without giving massive detail into their history. It was well acted all round and I really hope some award nominations come from this, although I feel I may have to settle for a comedic performance title at the Golden Globes?

The backdrop of Texas is an additional character in this film. Driving through the endless land in a decade old car and trying to keep the profitable lands from landing in the laps of greedy bankers gave a realistic impression on what I imagine the deep south to be. Some of the shots made the state look beautiful even though it seems to be desperate for some attention.

Coming out of this film I couldn’t help but feel surprised at how much I actually liked it. I could not suggest it more, it is especially good if your after a break after a lack lustre summer of blockbuster flops (sorry Suicide Squad)! Having never been a fan of Westerns I felt this modern take might be my gateway into exploring some of the classics.



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